mswood's TAR Pick-em Game Series TAR 14: georgiapeach
TAR 15: Hooky
TAR 16: Caelestor
TAR 17: georgiapeach
TAR 18: Zvarri
TAR 19: Polaroid

Smiley's Amazing Race Game Series: Season 1: Kiwi Kay
Season 2: Danooky (cdfe88)
Season 3: Kiwi Jay

MTAR Series: Season 1: Raymond (IAmaNewUser)
Season 2: Eragon

RFF TAR Fantasy Game Series: Season 1: Danooky (cdfe88)
Season 2: Georgiapeach and Graytex
Season 3: Graytex
Season 4: PuppetYX
Season 5, Race Across Europe: TBD

Redwings' TAR Prediction Game Series: Season 1, (TAR 19): Graytex and Realshowfan

Sam's Amazing Race Series: Season 5: Jerseydude
Season 6: DavidMV
Season 7: R (Obbyz)
Season 8: Jerseydude
Season 9: TBD

Sam's Big Brother Series: Season 1: Dave the 2nd (DavidMV)
Season 2: Squall

Snooky's Survivor Series: Season 1, Greenland: Scruffs

Joab's TAR Prediction Game Series: TAR 14: Ruth and Georgiapeach
TAR 15: Graytex
TAR 17: Belle Book
TAR 18: Redwings8831

Joab's Survivor Series: Season 1, Madagascar: Ruth

Joab's TARA Series: Season 1: TBD

The Amazing Race: Type C Series: Season 1: Cocoa (Uycocoa)
Season 2: TBD
Season 3: TBD

Cocoa's TAR Series: Season 1, TV Stars: Realshowfan
Season 2, Fantars: Realshowfan

Cocoa's Simple Series: Survivor Indonesia: TBD

TAR Design Challenge Series: Season 1: Prama
Season 2: TBD

The Amazing Race Victor Edition Series: Season 4: BryanPasa and Hakushu8\Realshowfan

KTAR Series: Season 1, Live: Pillowpal (paldog123456, Paldog, Palcat)
Season 2, Australia: Prama

Survivor K Series: Season 1 (South Pacific): TBD

Prophet's Trivia Series: Season 1, Who Am I: Sam, Ovalorange (TIE)
Season 2, TAR 101: Prama (pramararama)

Prophet's Epic Race Series: Season 1: Vicdemort
Seadon 2 (Corners of the Earth): TBD

The Amazing Race Versus Series: Season 1, Heroes vs Villains: Kandace (Kandace_KML)

PalTAR Series: Season 1: Kiki (kikisak)
Season 2, Unfinished Business: Videmort
Season 3, USA: Prama
Season 4, All-Stars: TBD

Redskevin's TARA Series: Season 1.3: Kiki (kikisak)

David's TAR Series: Season 1, Spain Rush: TBD

The Amazing Race Evil Series: Season 1: TBD

Aussie's Race Series: Season 1, The Uh-mazing Race: TBD

The Amazing Race X Series: Season 1: Ovalorange

Prama's Amazing Race Series: Season 1 (Indonesia): TBD

The Amazing Trivia Race Series: Season 1: TBD


Most wins:

Prama 4
realshowfan 4
graytex 4
Kiwi Jay 2
Danooky 2
Georgiapeach 2
jerseydude 2
davidmv 2
Ruth 2
kiki 2
Vicdemort 2
Ovalorange 2

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